Policy Guidelines Related to Personal Information

Our mission here at Japan Gray Line Co., Ltd. (Our Philosophy)is to create new worthy ideas and services for a new era and to provide “Satisfaction from Bottom of the Heart” for customers through the tours and events organized by our company.

Even within our modern-day rapid internet society, we make it our mission to take seriously the trust and confidence of each individual we work with, and to preserve this positive cycle of trust. Therefore we will strictly protect private information and identities entrusted to us.

According to the following “Personal Information Protection Guidelines”, all of our staff will handle all personal information of our clients and employees in the following manner, for the purpose of building a profitable and fulfilling enterprise, and improving our management system.

  • The use of all personal information entrusted to our company will be made clear, and will be accepted and used only upon reaching a mutual agreement with the said person(s), and will not be used for any other purpose outside of this mutual agreement.
  • Our company will take care and provision for the purpose of protecting all entrusted personal information from being used beyond said mutual agreement.
  • Our company takes responsibility for all entrusted personal information, and unless prescribed by law or approved by the said person involved, we will never offer this information to outside third parties.
  • In the situation that our company consigns personal information to our collaborative companies, it will be cosigned at a minimal level only for necessary purposes, and all information will be handled with extreme care according to our information entrustment selection standards and only with our collaborative companies who share the same standards.
  • In order to achieve appropriate personal information handling standards, we strictly follow the “Personal Information Protection Management Request Affairs [JIS Q15001: 2006]” law and any other such personal information protection standards prescribed by our nation and government.
  • In order to prevent the illegal access, loss, tampering, manipulation, and leaking of private personal information, we will take all possible appropriate safety measures.
  • Our company strives to listen and respond to any complaints or questions from our customers in the most appropriate and quickest possible manner.
  • If the customer wishes to amend or correct any information already released to our company, we will strive to take care of these requests to the best of our abilities.
  • We will use our customers’ entrusted personal information in only the most correct and legal manner and our management will regularly and continually review the Personal Information Protection Management System so as to assure the most complete protection of privacy.
  • Established on 1st Feb, 2005
    Final Revised on 1st Apr, 2019
    Keiichiro Mashimo, President
    Japan Gray Line Co., Ltd.

    Personal Information Inquiry Section: Atsuhiro Tanabe, Director
    Japan Gray Line Co., Ltd.