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Policy Guidelines Related to Personal Information

Our mission here at Japan Gray Line Co., Ltd. (Our Philosophy) is to create new worthy ideas and services for a new era and to provide gSatisfaction from bottom of the hearth for customers throught the tours and events organized by our company.

Even within our modern-day rapid internet society, we make it our mission to take seriously the trust and confidence of each individual we work with, and to preserve this positive cycle of trust. Therefore we will strictly protect private information and identities entrusted to us.

According to the following gPersonal Information Protection Guidelinesh, all of our staff will handle all personal information of our clients and employees in the following manner, for the purpose of building a profitable and fulfilling enterprise, and improving our management system.

Established on May , 2010
Keiichiro Mashimo, President
Japan Gray Line Co., Ltd.

Personal Information Inquiry Section: Mr.Asano, Director
Japan Gray Line Co., Ltd.

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