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*If you would like to make an inquiry by phone, please call at 03-5275-6511.

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*We will accept all personal information documents in the following manner:

1, Purpose All materials received will be used only for the purpose of information reference, and employment consideration.
2, Voluntary Tender of Personal Information It is entirely up to you to determine what personal information you will allow us to see. However, please understand in advance that all consideration for employment applications will be based on the necessary documents described above, and any lack of important personal information will be taken into consideration for employment as well.
3, Entrustment of Personal Information Any personal information will never be released to parties outside of our company.
4, Personal Information Supply Any personal information will not be submitted to customers of our business or outside companies. However, for the purpose of saving lives and protecting human rights in emergency situations, and cooperation with government, police, and other public institutions in extreme circumstances, we will act according to law and submit any necessary information requested by these agencies.
5, Confirmation, Correction, and Deletion of Personal Information If you should ever wish to confirm, revise, or change any personal information document after it has been submitted, please allow us to confirm your identity and send a letter or e-mail to the following address.
Personal Information Inquiry Section: Tomokatsu Asano, Director
Japan Gray Line Co., Ltd.
TELF03-5275-6562 FAXF03-5275-6564

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